Born in Teggiano (Salerno) 1982.

Ianniello’s research on the materials aims particularly to a result of synthesis: in his work the global merges with the local, the tradition with the avant-garde, the readymade with constructive and formal demands that take us back to the age of the making of art. And this doesn’t happen for a naïve anachronism, but for a rational and conscious choice: a choice of starting again from the 50s, when the use of heavy and ‘responsible’ materials like metal, particularly loved by Ianniello, was imposed.

The way of working of this singular sculptor (but probably it would be more appropriate to define him a painter) contradicts the nature itself of the materials that have been used: the metals reclaimed by Ianniello are restless and sentient, suspended between organic nature and mineral oblivium, real and precious receptacles of memory. They come from old craft workshops, abandoned farms, industrial archaeology deposits, found in the Vallo di Diano and Alburni Mountains area.

The postmodern gives way to the revaluation of the modern.

The ornamental, superficial, rash elements are left away in name of the essential and rigorous, nuclear, introspective elements.

The frequent overlapping of heavy compartments and light materials, that are ductile and warm (like ropes), on the one hand conveys a symbolic significance (“sewing up” a wounded and tortured identity, which is personal but also, and especially, collective), while on the other hand it can be seen as an aesthetic expedient, as a mere compositional and structural element.

Because, for Ianniello, the Substance can never be separated from the Form.

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