Nisoproject is proud to present Khemeia. Curated by Daniel Brusatin, this exhibition brings together the work of three artists: Olivia Bax, 

Arthur Cohen and Arturo Ianniello. Khemeia is the ancient Greek science of turning one substance into another with the result having 

no resemblance to its previous state. This led philosophers to theorize the existence of four essential elements (air, fire, water and earth), and 

inspired Aristotle’s theory of “quinta essentia”. A fifth element that exists in the purest form possible in the universe. 

The philosophies of Khemeia later inspired the alchemists and pushed them further into these explorations of substance and matter. Although 

Alchemy never had the success it theorised – gold was never created from lead and the philosopher’s stone never found – it paved the way for 

philosophical, scientific and artistic hypotheses. As Aristotle said: “The philosopher’s stone is not a stone at all. It is in each man, everywhere, at 

all times”. Here we witness three artists whose work is as linked to the exploration and the process as it is to the final result. Artists who, as successful alchemists, create between industry, craft and poetry. Khemeia is an exhibition of amalgamation, where elements of the mundane are 

transformed into works of art with poetically infused unity.